I love my job/I hate my job

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I have a great job. It pays well, probably too well, and I work really hard at it. I start early and I end late each and every day and I put in some time on the weekends as well. This is easier for me now that I’m full-time work from home but I worked long hours even when I used to go into the office.

So, what’s to hate? It’s a lot of things…

It’s the unreasonable expectation that the people I work with will work just as long hours as I do. I’m an awful manager in that I respect people’s priorities are not always mine or the company’s, that the job is just a job to many. They put in good, even great, work from “9 to 5” but then they’re gone. I wish I was like that. Then my boss sees me working at 8pm and asks why no one else is working and my only answer is, “they worked all day”.

I also resent the lack of freedom. I feel shackled to this job because I have to maintain the lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to and I have to ensure that we’re secure in retirement. As we age I need to maintain health insurance and right now a job is how you do that.

I hate that I feel what I do is insignificant. I’ve worked on business systems for over 30 years and, really, who gives a crap? I remember long nights and weekends working on systems that have been defunct for decades now. I learned a lot and I brought it to future jobs working on systems that are now defunct as well.

I hate that technology won’t stand still. When I learn something new it means there are a hundred things I haven’t learned. I am becoming extinct like the dodo.

I love working with young people. I love their energy, their ideas, and their lack of inhibition with authority. They haven’t had their nose bloodied yet and so they’re free to speak their minds. I won’t be the one that changes that. I encourage that sort of discourse and love developing people new to the craft.

The money does provide freedom, freedom to help my adult kids when they need it, the freedom to take my wife out to dinner and go on the occasional vacation without worrying about going broke. I appreciate that’s freedom not everyone has these days if they ever did.

I love the ability to continue to learn new things and apply them to my work. I love the creativity that technology has allowed me to express over the years.

So, that’s my love/hate relationship with work. My current job doesn’t have an unusual amount of assholes, a benefit, and my boss and I have worked at several places together so I have no insecurity about what he thinks of my abilities, that’s a luxury I haven't had very often.

I can’t wait to retire though; I’m sure I’ll love/hate that.




Software Development Manager

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PJ McWilliams

PJ McWilliams

Software Development Manager

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